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Shaping Character

Headlands Primary School | Developing Character- Rewarding success

This page is to be read alongside the Relationship Policy and the Feedback Policy.

‘The aim of our studies is not just to know what virtue is, but to become good. Aristotle

At Headlands Primary School our intention is to nurture and inspire the character of each child.

Character at Headlands Primary school is defined as ‘Planned and reflective approach to the cultivation of positive character qualities in their pupils in the intent of human flourishing’ (Association of Character Education)

Relationships between all stakeholders are key to how we develop and nurture character.

Our DARE (Determination, Achievement, Respect and Enjoyment) Values and Virtues are understood by the school community. They are embedded in all aspects of school life and are at the centre of how we support the character of the children in all aspects of school life, supporting their moral, civic, and intellectual and performance attributes key to success in all aspects of school life and as productive, rounded and good citizens.

Our DARE values are defined as:

  • I will show determination in all I do
  • I will try my best to achieve all the learning goals and tasks I am set
  • I will show respect for myself, others and the school
  • I will enjoy my time at Headlands

The Virtues that define our Values are:


In all that we do, children are supported and encouraged to endeavour to do their best by displaying the DARE Values and Virtues in all aspects of school life.

The nurturing of character is pursued throughout everything that we do in school. All stakeholders are positive role models and ‘live’ the Values of the school. Our strategy to nurture character starts by ensuring that the needs of children are at the centre of all that we do in school. Our intent is then to ensure that children develop an understanding of themselves, others and their world. This is achieved by all children accessing a broad, balanced rich curriculum, experiencing the world around them through experiences trips and residential visits and by making a difference to their world.

The school’s Values and Virtues are promoted through assemblies and in communications with parents. Each term, a member of the SLT, School Parliament and a governor will consider how each Virtue will be approached for the following term. This will be promoted to the school community to engage with in a variety of formats.

The Virtues will be promoted each term:

Term 1


Term 2


Term 3


Term 4


Term 5


Term 6



DARE Ambassadors
Children are nominated to become DARE Ambassadors and as role models of the school’s values, lead a variety of roles throughout the school (House Captains, Office support, Reading support, Librarians, Eco leaders etc). Each year, two Head Ambassadors are elected by the school to lead the School Parliament. At Lunchtime, play leaders in Year 5 support the younger children engage positively in games and activities on the playground.

Active lunchtimes
Lunchtime is a further opportunity for children to display the Values and Virtues of the school. Lunchtime is known as "Active Lunchtime" and we encourage children to be "busy" during this unstructured time. Lunch and play time are at the same time throughout the school and an emphasis is put on the older children ‘buddying’ the younger children.

The school has a well-resourced playground. The distribution of the equipment is overseen by the sports leaders and by trained young ambassadors (Year 5).

Children will reflect on the Values, Virtues and experiences in all aspects of school life in a ‘DARE Endeavour Memory Book’. This book will be introduced by a message from the Head Teacher.

Each year- children will define what the DARE Values mean to them and their ambitions for the year.

Each term- the children and parents will reflect on the Virtue and this will be added to the book. The book will contain one other experiences that the children will reflect on considering the impact it has had on them understanding themselves, others or their world.

The book will also contain a copy of their charts for recording their team points (optional at Reception and KS1) and copies of the DARE certificates that they receive.

Rewarding successful endeavour
Children displaying the DARE Values and Virtues will have their endeavours recognised through rewards.

House points - On admission to the school, each child is allocated a house to which he/she is a member. House names are Cedar, Birch, Oak and Cherry. Children are awarded house points for displaying the Virtues and Values in all that they do.

Each week house points are collected by Year 6 House Captains from across the school. They are added to previous totals for the term. At the end of each seasonal term the winning house is awarded with the DARE Cup that is decorated in the winning house colours. Children in the winning house also gets to attend a special event in school to celebrate at the end of each term. Each house point awarded also supports each child's own personal achievement record. 

Allocation of house points:

1 house point is can be awarded by adults in school to acknowledge a child displaying the DARE Values/ Virtues. Gold star will be used to display this in books. (Years R-1, stampers and stickers can be used.)
3 house points will be awarded for children who read 5+ times a week at home.
3 house points can be awarded for receiving a DARE Endeavour sticker for significantly displaying the Values/Virtues either in their conduct or work in class (stickers to be evident in books in all areas of the curriculum). Children to achieve 1, no more than 3, each in their writing, maths and wider curriculum work per term.
3 house points for receiving a Virtue card during Active Lunchtimes

In FS/KS1 these records are sticker charts (Appendix 2/3). Each completed sticker chart results in a certificate (Appendix 4) which is presented during the awards and celebrations assembly. In KS2 these records are charts which result in certificates and medals being awarded to the child. The process in KS2 commences with a bronze certificate moving into a bronze medal and develops into silver, gold and platinum awards before concluding with the coveted “DARE Endeavour" award (Appendices 5). 

Parents/ Carers are invited to DARE awards assembly to see their child presented with their certificate. Parents/Carers must be informed the week before the award is presented. Teachers are responsible for arranging this. 

House points in books are evident by a gold star stamper. 


Number of house points required 









DARE Endeavour (not expected before Year 6) 



Head Teacher Awards - Each week, the class teacher will nominate a person in their class who has demonstrated the schools Values/Virtues well that week in any aspect of school life. That child will receive a certificate and will attend Head Teacher’s Tea that week. All children will be supported to engage with the work to develop character and to show their understanding of the Virtues and will attend Head Teacher’s Tea at some point during the year.



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